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At Advanced Allergy Solutions® we provide non-invasive allergy assessments and a unique holistic treatment for the symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities.

What is the treatment?

At Advanced Allergy Solutions®  we address symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities using non-invasive and natural techniques.

The treatment is safe, painless, and available to all ages, including infants.  The treatment works directly with the relationship between the major organ systems and inappropriate reactions to harmless substances. While the immune system is responsible for initiating an immune reaction in the case of true allergies, it is the health and state of the organ systems that often determines the type of symptoms that may arise. With both sensitivities and allergies, symptoms typically stem from the organ system affected. For example, one patient may have a reaction to soybean by getting rashes while another patient may react with sinus congestion, heartburn or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The symptoms in each of these cases represent a different organ system involved. By treating the organ system(s) involved in a reaction, the body is able to respond more appropriately.

During treatment, gentle pressure is used on points that correspond with the organ systems involved in a reaction. The degree of stress on the organ systems caused by an allergen or offending agent, is proportional to the degree of the negative reaction. While the stimulation is applied, a subtle representation of the offending substance is introduced to the surface of the skin. The stimulation reduces the stress on the effected organ system, allowing for a more appropriate response.

All holistic fields of medicine are aligned in the approach to treat the whole body. They share the understanding that health conditions may develop as a result of interference in proper functioning caused by various forms of stress or other factors. Reducing the stress or interference allows for optimal health. When the specific organ system is supported and stress is reduced, the whole body is able to respond more appropriately.

  • AAS does not diagnose allergies, sensitivities or allergies.
  • AAS does not test for allergies or sensitivities. The AAS system simply assesses what may be causing a stress to the body.
  • AAS does not cure allergies, nor does the therapy treat the immune system.
  • AAS does not treat cases of anaphylaxis or life threatening symptoms. Strict avoidance is always advised in these cases.




What happens after my treatment?

Following a session, a patient should avoid the substance that was treated for 2 hours, if possible. Depending on the item addressed, avoidance is not always possible. It is recommended that the patient not have excessive contact with the item until the following day.

How many treatments do I need?

This may depend on how many symptoms you have associated with allergies and sensitivities. At Advanced Allergy Solutions®, we can usually treat one allergen family per treatment (e.g. pollens or shellfish). We find that the majority of our patients require only one treatment per allergen family, however, we cannot guarantee these results. You can complete the treatments at your own pace with no need for a set schedule.

How soon will I see results?

Many patients will get results immediately or within the first few treatments. However, it is not always possible to predict results and additional treatments may be required before experiencing improvement.

How much does the service cost?

The Initial Assessment & Treatment is $255. This includes a comprehensive allergy assessment and treatment of one allergen family.

Each additional session is $95. During a session, one allergen family will be treated. For your convenience, we offer packages of follow-up appointments.

Call us to inquire about our discounted packages,
including our New Patient Intro Package.

Can I have more than one treatment in a day?

Yes. Two treatments can be completed in one day. However, there must be at least 2 hours between sessions.

Do you take insurance?

At this time insurance companies still consider this to be an elective procedure. However, most “Flexible Spending Accounts” are covering this therapy.

Do I need to stop taking any of my medications before the treatment?

No. Do NOT stop taking medication that has been prescribed by your medical doctor without his/her authorization. If you are taking over the counter medication to control your current symptoms, it is fine to continue taking them. Medication will NOT effect the treatment.

How do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment by calling us at (415) 556-4700 or click here to book online. No referral is required for treatment.

Allergy Facts

$18 billion

Allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic disease in the United States, costing the health care system $18 billion annually.

12 million

There were more than 12 million physician office visits because of allergic rhinitis (hay fever) in 2006.

>50 million

Approximately one in five or more than 50 million (53,980,772) Americans suffer from allergy-related illnesses.

30 million

Sinusitis is one of the leading forms of chronic disease, with an estimated 18 million cases and at least 30 million courses of antibiotics per year.

60 million

Allergic Rhinitis is estimated to affect approximately 60 million people in the United States, and its prevalence is increasing.


A nationwide survey found that more than half (54.6%) of all U.S. citizens test positive to one or more allergens.

12 million

It is estimated that 12,000,000 Americans have food allergies.


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