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mik_3411Doc Patel has been a patient of Advanced Allergy Solutions since 2014 and is the winner of our November testimonials contest! After reading about his health journey, we’re excited to share it. Here is his story…

Years of traditional [Western] allergy treatments kept me virtually enslaved to getting weekly shots, a cycle I was not able to break, perhaps due to the severity and persistence of my allergies. I decided I needed a new approach and an open mind to try and get relief that did not involve a lifetime commitment to medicine but rather to strengthen my body’s natural defense system.

I started with Christy Vitiello, my acupuncturist. She delivered a tremendous amount of relief through herbs and acupuncture. But my immune system had been so compromised that she suggested I consider AAS while continuing to get relief through acupuncture.

Despite my initial skepticism, my shock at the relief I got from just the first treatment blew me away. The notion of retraining the body not to over-react to allergies was new and novel to me but my body learned it immediately. I fell in love with the idea and the results I was getting. The AAS ‘[re]training’ seemed to jive with my system.

AAS and Christy have taught me that with acceptance of my allergies and being proactive and listening to what you say is critical for me to take ownership of my health. This means I have to follow through with herbs, diet, stress management, and exercise. The reward: a healthy body that is able to heal itself, at times with a little help from my new-found doctors.

Together, AAS and Christy have gently and patiently educated me so that I understand how natural healing works. The combination (AAS and acupuncture) builds my body and strengthens it against allergies and stress, a huge killer. For me, the effects can easily be negated if I continue to let stress rule. It goes straights to my system and severely compromises my body. This is where I have to deal with stress so I don’t internalize it. When I do, the body complains and I re-set the clock. In all fairness, I cannot expect the ‘doctor’ to fix that. That’s my responsibility.

My lessons from AAS: eat right, exercise, deal with stress honestly, and ‘let us help you feel better so you can get the most of your life experience.’


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