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Managing A Mold Allergy

During the winter season, things can get pretty damp especially if you live in the Bay Area where the humidity is high. Many people suffer from respiratory symptoms year round, while some experience them seasonally. Many of our patients come in during a "wet season"...

What does stress have to do with my allergies?

If you’ve had a treatment at Advanced Allergy Solutions or attended one of our talks, you’ve probably heard the term “mast cell degranulation.” Mast cells are sacs located throughout your body, filled with compounds (like histamine) that induce inflammation. When...

My New Roots’ Green Bean Salad

Lucky for us, most vegetables are available all year round. However, when the ingredients you use are organic and are in season, they make your dishes taste even better! Green beans, also known as string beans in the U.S. and haricots verts in France, are rich in...

It’s Me or The Cats: Shauna’s Advanced Allergy Solutions Story

In the first year we were dating, we pretty much had to go to his apartment all the time because he had a really bad allergy to cats and I had three cats! When Andy would come around the cats, he would experience crazy asthma attacks. When he would stay at my place, he would wake up in the middle of the night and would feel the need to get up and go outside for some fresh air.



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