IMG_1274I met Andy through friends about seven years ago. As soon as I met him, we were pretty much gangbusters right from the start.

In the first year we were dating, we pretty much had to go to his apartment all the time because he had a really bad allergy to cats and I had three cats! When Andy would come around the cats, he would experience crazy asthma attacks. When he would stay at my place, he would wake up in the middle of the night and would feel the need to get up and go outside for some fresh air.

After about a year, we really wanted to live together and we weren’t sure what to do. We knew that if he were to stay at my place, the cats weren’t going to be a possibility for him because it was a seemingly life or death situation. My cats were sisters and pretty elderly at the time. I began to think that we’d have to wait until they pass on in order to live together. At the same time, I love cats and I love animals! I really didn’t like the idea of spending my life without a pet.

One of our friends recommended Advanced Allergy Solutions. We looked into the treatment and booked Andy in for an Initial Allergy Appointment. We already knew that Andy had a lot of allergies because he had hay fever, chronic congestion, and eczema for his entire life. We also knew there were other things going on besides the cat allergy. Andy was pretty new to the world of holistic medicine. He was becoming more aware about acupuncture because I was in school at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but he was also a big believer in the Western approach- antihistamines, inhalers, and topical steroids. He decided to give it a shot and we booked him in. Our practitioner at the time determined that Andy had multiple airborne allergies. She explained to us that treating a pet allergy often involves treating other allergens that are in the home, as well as histamines. We proceeded to have him treated for around seven different things to start. I would come with him to his appointments and chat with the practitioner or Denise, catching up and learning more about the treatment protocol. At one point, Denise said, “You know, I hire acupuncturists to perform this treatment. When you graduate, maybe you should give me a call!” At the time, I didn’t think too much of it. I was deep into school and still had a few years left, passing my classes and caring for Andy was all I could think about. After the treatments, Andy’s allergies disappeared completely and not just the cat allergies! His hay fever and congestion improved drastically. After his treatments at the clinic, Andy and I moved in together and a few years later, I started working at Advanced Allergy Solutions!

Andy and I got two new cats after we moved in together- big fluffy cats with lots of hair! After a few years, we found that Andy started having some symptoms again. He came back into the clinic and we retreated him for cats (this was about two years after his Initial) and that cleared up the problem. In six years since the Initial treatment, he’s been treated for cats twice, and it’s been well worth it! He also had more than just cats treated. Advanced Allergy Solutions has a really great holistic approach to remedying allergies. We had to address histamines, dust and dustmites to name a few. Now, he’s been off of the allergy medications and we were able to get him to a place where he was able to live with the cats. It’s been great!

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