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img_7270Nutritionist, dietitian, and personal chef Celine Glasier started treatment at Advanced Allergy Solutions in October of 2015 for headaches and migraines that she had been experiencing since she was a child. Here is her story.

“I’ve had migraines since I was about four years old (now thirty years old). As a kid, I would describe these migraines as wires between my temples. Unfortunately, none of the doctors I saw associated this pain with my sinuses. I went under a lot of MRIs and I was advised to take medication. I started taking medication between the ages of 10 and 15 for my migraines, but eventually I just stopped bothering because nothing ever worked. I left school early in elementary school all the time and about once a week when I started high school. It affected me being able to be present for classes and study, but I just pushed through it as much as possible. I was living in constant pain and when you have chronic pain, you kind of just deal with it. It felt really uncomfortable.

I’m now a nutritionist and the driving factor behind going to back school was my pain. I wanted to learn more about the link between headaches/migraines and the diet. Still, nothing worked, not even eliminating the foods I was sensitive to. I’ve tried acupuncture and cranial sacral work with minimal success. I was still getting headaches every day and waking up with a stiff neck which made it extremely difficult to get out of bed in the mornings.

Getting treated at Advanced Allergy Solutions was the only thing that actually made a difference! Now I don’t wake up groggy or have neck pain. I didn’t even realize it was all stemming from a sensitivity that my body was holding on to.  I don’t eat corn, don’t eat sugar that much, I don’t have dairy, but the fact that it’s not in my diet very much I still had a reaction which I found very interesting.

Getting treated for corn, dairy, and sugar has removed the brain fog I was previously experiencing. After the treatment for corn I felt totally different, it was really cool! As an added benefit to my treatments mainly for sinus pain, my skin has gotten a lot better. After getting a sugar treatment, I’m not getting acne breakouts as much anymore. The breakouts are not as frequent or as painful.img_7265

Before the treatments I felt unmotivated. After a few years, the pain of daily headaches, regular migraines and neck stiffness kind of gets to you. You start asking yourself how am I going to continue pushing through this pain? It can be kind of depressing. Since having the treatments, I’m much happier and I’m now applying to grad school. Advanced Allergy Solutions really helped me feel more like myself, more in my body, more alive!”

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