87754436It’s that time of year again- backpacks, bagged lunches, and homework.
Get your kids ready for the school year with these unique and easy back to school tips from Advanced Allergy Solutions! Our mission is to help you keep your children healthy and happy!

  1. Visit an integrative pediatrician.
    Back to school means increased exposure to bacteria and viruses. Keep your kids healthy by seeing an integrative pediatrician. One of our most trusted referrals, GetzWell Pediatrics in San Francisco can help support your family preventatively or if your child gets their “back-to-school” cold, flu, or ear infection.
  2. Give probiotics.
    Good probiotics boost your child’s immune system and improves digestion. We recommend giving this daily to prevent illness and help allergies. Then increasing the dose if your child gets sick so they recover more easily. Our favorites include Prescript-Assist in capsules or Seeking Health’s ProBiota 12-Powder. These two are available for purchase at the clinic so don’t forget to pick some up next time you’re in for a treatment!
  3. Get treated.
    There is increasing awareness among children of food allergies and sensitivities, however, that won’t necessarily prevent your kids from trading their lunch or snacks at recess. Getting tested and treated here at Advanced Allergy Solutions for sensitivities will create more awareness and help manage your child’s reaction to accidental exposure.
  4. Pack “new” snacks.
    Reduce tummy aches by including healthy alternatives to the “Standard American snack foods” – sunflower seed and almond butter are great alternatives to peanut butter. Slices of salami are easy to prepare and are a good source of fat and protein. Hard boiled eggs are brain food and can be made earlier in the week for convenience. We also suggest these easy to make, protein packed energy balls instead of packaged granola bars full of sugar. Help your child have a great day at school through good nutrition starting with some homemade snacks.

5 Ingredient Energy Balls
1 cup dates, pitted (or ⅓ cup honey)
⅔ cup gluten free rolled oats
½ cup almond butter
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 teaspoon vanilla
Mix in a food processor and refrigerate for 30 mins. Once chilled, roll into balls and store in the fridge. Easy to pop into the lunch box.

      5. Sleep early. Start with a nightly tech-free dinner at the dinner table and no screen time for at least an hour before bedtime. Limiting digital activity will help calm the mind and get them ready for bed.   Also, getting your kids to bed at a reasonable time will help them feel energized and prepared to take on the next day. Here are some recommended sleep hours by age.

Age Nighttime Sleep
3-5 years old 11-13 hours
5-10 years old 10-11 hours
11- 16 years old 9.5-10 hours

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