Don't let allergies control your life.

What to expect during your initial assessment & treatment

  • Documentation and discussion of personal health history
  • Review of previous test results (if any)
  • Comprehensive Allergy Assessment
  • Treatment for one Allergen Family (e.g. pollens or shellfish)
  • Explanations of the treatment process throughout appointment

Please allow an hour for the initial appointment. Two hours before your appointment, we ask that you refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol and coffee, or consuming sugar.

We will provide forms to acquire your basic history. You are welcome to bring past medical allergy test results (skin or blood test results) but these are not necessary for our assessment and treatment. Your practitioner will take a detailed case history and discuss the reasons for your visit. During the consultation the technology and each step of the treatment will be explained to you.

At the end of your Initial Assessment & Treatment you will have a customized treatment plan to address each allergen family that you are having an adverse reaction to. This treatment plan will be prioritized to alleviate symptoms as quickly and effectively as possible.

What to expect during follow up appointments

Each Follow Up Appointment will take about 20 to 30 minutes. We will check to ensure the previous treatment was successful. We will then determine which allergen family to treat next, complete a treatment, and schedule your next appointment if necessary.