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Chronic Cough & Behavior

Lily B. (Age 4)

2 Treatments: Molds and Sugars

“My daughter had been suffering from a deep cough in her chest, on and off, for about one year. It always started with a runny nose then led to a deep, hacking cough that would stay for weeks. After one treatment for molds she has been completely cough-free for over a month! No runny nose either. Relief was almost instant, as within two days the cough was completely gone. Additionally, Lily was treated for a sugar allergy that I was completely unaware of and the results were remarkable. Whenever we took out pens or crayons to draw she would simply scribble on the page; she could draw nothing recognizable. Children her age are generally drawing some semblance of a person, but she was unable to. The day after she was treated for her sugar allergy she drew a picture of me and the drawing had a head, a face, eyes, and a body! It was incredible! One day scribble, the next a picture of mommy! She has also been markedly calmer and able to cooperate and listen much better.”

Sinusitis & Seasonal Allergies

Julian V. (Age 37) Redwood City

4 Treatments: Grass, Dust/Dust Mites, Dogs and Pollens

“I have been taking an allergy pill everyday of my life for years. Dust and dust mites put me down with horrible headaches and sinus pain. Dogs made me miserable. The combination of the two would make me feel sick for days. I cannot sing enough praise to Advanced Allergy Solutions! Before I started the non-invasive and quick treatments, I was allergic to just about everything.

Now, I can breathe clearly for the first time in my life!
 A month ago, I would walk onto a golf course and be miserable by the first green if I didn’t load up on allergy drugs that either made me sleepy or jittery. After one easy treatment for grass allergies, I went from not sitting on the grass because it made me feel horrible, to rolling around in the grass – and it doesn’t phase me!

A week ago, I wouldn’t go outside in the mountains this time of year, or anytime the yellow pollen dust was out. My nose was a non-stop-dripping-sniffle-snot factory. All of the allergy meds in the world couldn’t make me feel normal. The day after I had a relaxing (and actually fun) treatment for pollens, I could walk through a yellow cloud and breathe just as deeply and clearly as if I was on an oxygen tank. And no sneezing, sniffling, head congestion, or itchy-watery eyes — It is amazing!

If you suffer from environmental, food, or seasonal allergies, and are tired of taking drugs that don’t fix the problem, YOU HAVE TO GO TO ADVANCED ALLERGY SOLUTIONS! They have changed my life!”

Hay Fever

Danny N. (Dentist)

Treatment: Pollens, Molds, Plant Phenolics, Dust/Dust Mites and Histamine

“I’ve been a general dentist in the Bay Area since 2002 and an allergy sufferer since a kid. I’ve always taken allergy medications especially in the spring months when the pollen and dust are at their peak. Since I had my treatment with Denise at the Advanced Allergy clinics last year, I have no longer used any allergy medications. I am absolutely loving the outdoors again and not totally dried out due to any antihistamines. Thank you Denise!”

Food Allergy

Badier V. (Age 25, Engineer) Menlo Park

Treatment: Eggs

“I’ve been intolerant to eggs for as long as I can remember. I could never enjoy scrambled, poached, over-easy or hardboiled eggs. Baked goods didn’t seem to be a problem, but the truth was the egg protein mixed with gluten were indeed making me sick. Eggs were the first thing I had treated at AAS, and my quality of life has improved drastically. I now have two to three eggs most mornings without any problems. Thanks, AAS!”


Diana B. (32 yrs old, Full Time Student and Mother) – Noe Valley, San Francisco

2 Treatments: Dust/Dust Mites and Cat

“For years I have suffered from a dust allergy activated by cleaning and dusty environments. Whenever I clean, dust, or vacuum I have to wear a face mask or I have a full-blown allergic reaction which includes: itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, and coughing and wheezing from allergy-induced asthma. After ONE treatment for dust and dust mites I went into my daughter’s room (which has hardwood floors so dust bunnies collect on it weekly), without a mask, moved all the furniture, changed the bedding, vacuumed, and dusted. My reaction? I sneezed a couple of times. That was it! I was so impressed. I was a bit skeptical at first, I have to admit, but I was desperate for relief and I got it after just one treatment!

I have also had a dangerous cat allergy which has resulted many times with scary asthma attacks – a few that have sent me to the after-hours clinic for difficulty breathing. I have been on steroids twice to relieve my asthma and always have an inhaler on me in case I am unexpectedly exposed to a cat. My physical reaction varies depending on the cat but generally within a few minutes, my eyes begin to itch and I start wheezing and need to leave the space immediately.

I had one treatment for my cat allergy and the practitioner recommended that I test the results by exposing myself slowly to a cat. Instead, after having such good results with my one treatment for dust and dust mites, I jumped right in and paid a visit to the local animal shelter where I held and played with three kittens for 20 minutes and a couple of older cats for a while too. After about half an hour, my nose started to run a bit and I sneezed a few times when I got into the car to go home but, previous to my treatment, something like that would have made me miserable and I, most likely, would have had to go to the doctor, or the hospital, to relieve my symptoms! I am not ready to bring a cat into my home just yet, but that is my ultimate goal and I believe these treatments can get me there!”

Hay Fever

Bill W. (62 yrs old, Locksmith) Santa Rosa, Sonoma County

3 Treatments: Pollens, Grass and Molds

“My hayfever felt 80% better after the first treatment, which was for pollen. I stopped using my Antihistamine medication that I had taken daily for years. I mowed the lawn a couple of days later and my eyes only got a little itchy. After a treatment for grass, I was able to mow the lawn without any symptoms. A third visit and treatment for molds has me enjoying this crazy spring weather without taking any medications!”

Hay Fever

Chris P. (34, Firefighter) Daly City

4 Treatments: Dust/Dust Mites, Pollens, Grass and Molds

“An unbelievably positive experience! After years of being on weekly/monthly shot therapy after a scratch test showed I only had one allergy (which after further research I’ve found that anyone with one allergy probably has more) I decided to try it. As I walked through the office, I felt more like I was in someone’s home. The rooms are extremely peaceful and quiet. After a few minutes of pain free testing, without scratches, needles, etc., I was diagnosed with multiple allergies. They treated me for one of my allergies on the spot. I could literally feel myself “clearing” as I laid on the table. Even just a few minutes later in the car, my friend mentioned I sounded better and my eyes weren’t red like they were before I was treated.

I’ve been back three times since the initial treatment to get treated for the other things I tested positive for. Every time I leave I feel better than when I entered. I’ve also noticed that every week I have less and less watery eyes, itching throat, sneezing, ear pain and congestion. I literally haven’t felt this good in a long time! I was sick of taking allergy pills, getting injected by shots weekly or monthly, then being set back if I missed an appointment because I was out of town. These treatments have worked tremendously for me with the awesome and super friendly staff. It’s definitely frustrating that I didn’t find this place sooner.”

Morning Mucus

Sen-Sei (37 yrs old, Musician) San Francisco

1 Treatment: Dust/Dust Mites

“Not too long ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about an ongoing condition that I was dealing with, something called “morning sinus”. Basically, I’d wake up every single morning completely clogged and congested. I sought medical advice/treatment, but pretty much got the runaround coupled with directions to acquire “over the counter” products. Basically, I was huffing up Afrin nasal spray first thing in the morning and acquiring relief 10-15min later.

I came across a brochure for Advanced Allergy Solutions which was plugging it’s “noninvasive” treatment methods. As I continued to read, that fact that I didn’t have to wolf down herbal remedies, drugs, or get poked with needles sparked my interest. And to be honest, I was tired with waking up every morning and not being able to breathe doesn’t promote a good morning. One of the practitioners, Megan, gave me a treatment for what she determined was an allergic reaction to….. dust and dust mites. After just ONE treatment, I can breath when I wake up and I’m not sneezing 20x right out of the gate. It worked for me, and I can’t praise the place enough.”


Eric W. (35, Mortgage Broker) South San Francisco

1 Treatment: Sugars

“Very easy and the practitioner made me very comfortable. I have had psoriasis for years. I have gone to a dermatologist for years, but they always just gave me a steroid topical skin treatment. It helped a little but if I missed one treatment, my skin went right back to being really red and flaky. So far with just one treatment, my skin is almost normal. I really cannot believe it. I was skeptical that the practitioner could fix my psoriasis, but I am walking proof it works.”


Theresa T. (25 yrs old, Dental Assistant) San Leandro

5 Treatments: Sugars, Dust/Dust Mites, Milk Products, Perfume/Fragrance and Wheat/Gluten

“I have suffered from eczema for as long as I could remember. As a child, my parents tried everything to help me with my eczema. I went to numerous doctors, dermatologists, and Chinese herbalists. My mother even took me to China when I was 10, hoping that doctors overseas could help me. I have tried topical steroids to reduce my flare ups, but over time they didn’t help the condition of my skin. I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin, I just wanted to scratch it off sometimes. I tried going onto eczema help forums trying to see if other people who had the same skin condition had any advice on how they were able to maintain their condition.

A few years ago, my skin actually worsened. I had rashes all over my body, and my skin was so dry that it didn’t matter how much lotion I put on my body. My dermatologist performed a skin patch test and when the results came back, she told me that I was allergic to fragrance and nickel. So for the past few years, I have been avoiding these substances. My skin did not seem to improve overall. I tried many fragrance free products, but one every so often, companies would reformulate their products and I would I have to go look for another fragrance free product. I was very frustrated. I was avoiding the substance the best I could but I was still itchy all the time. The eczema started to develop on my face and I felt so self conscious. People would ask me why my face was so red. My skin always felt cracked. I think that I tried about 9 moisturizers but nothing helped. This rash was on my face for over two years. I was ready to give up and thought that I should just accept my skin the way it was.

I was recommended to the allergy clinic. Advanced Allergy Solutions did a series of testing to figure out what my body was reacting to. After they were performed, I found out I was sensitive to much more than fragrance and nickel. After my first treatment for sugar, my skin felt less itchy and the rash that was on my face disappeared in a matter of days. For my second treatment, I was treated for dairy which was another factor that was causing my itchiness. With each successive treatment my skin has improved a lot from the first day of allergy assessment and treatment. I have also been treated for fragrance and wheat. I still have some flare ups, but nothing to the degree before my treatments. I am very thankful for this alternative to treating my eczema because I don’t have to take pills, receive shots, or put harsh topical steroids onto my skin.

I feel they has been there for me for all my treatments. At every visit, I feel that the practitioner is genuinely interested in what I have to say. She asks for my opinions and tries to figure out the best solution to help me with my skin. Since these treatments began, I can say I feel comfortable in my own skin. I can’t express just how thankful I am to know that something like this exists.”


Please Be Advised

Due to the unpredictable nature of allergies, sensitivities and the immune system, Advanced Allergy Solutions® cannot guarantee any results, as is the case with all forms of health care. Advanced Allergy Solutions® also cannot guarantee that symptoms associated with allergies/sensitivities will not develop in the future. While Advanced Allergy Solutions® can address the symptoms associated with allergies/sensitivities, some cases do not respond to the treatment.

Advanced Allergy Solutions® does not treat substances that have caused or been diagnosed as causing an anaphylactic reaction.


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